Jan 7, 2013

Astroloco: Worst Contact

As soon as I played subAtomic I knew I had found developers with a flair and style that really appealed to me. Offbeat, clever and gleefully bonkers, their Ludum Dare stuff showed great promise of what was to come.

Mmmm, sweet AND sterile...

And then along came Astroloco: Worst Contact, a game that features a train capable of galactic travel, space pirates and lord only knows what else. It promises to be the same formula that made the team's earlier games so great, this time with a fuller length and silly voice acting. I know. I did the voice acting for one of the characters.

In any case, you can get the demo here and give it a whirl. I'll be saving my thoughts for the release of the full game, but if it's anything like their previous works, I am sure Hungry Planet Games will deliver some fine - if extremely silly - adventure gaming goodness.

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