Fiction in the Machine is, quite obviously some would say, a blog focusing on adventure games and all sorts of narrative-heavy games, that has joyfully been created by a team of indie loving, retro appreciating adventurers. You can expect us to cover everything from point-and-clickers and interactive fiction to Lucasfilm classics and wild indie experiments. Oh, and one could expect a few CRPGs getting mentioned as well as all sorts of narrative heave indie experiments.

You can also expect us to bring you the freshest news, reviews, previews and interviews as well as extensive features and retrospectives.

And now for the team:

Igor Hardy: Has been running the Hardy Developer's Journal for longer than he'd care to remember and has thus been providing a brilliant service to the indie adventure gaming community. What's more, he is the creator of wild, surrealist point-and-clicker Snakes of Avalon and is apparently committed to keeping on designing adventures.

Ben 304: Having designed, programmed, animated and illustrated dozens of freeware games (many of which, including Eternally Us and  and Airwave, should be considered classics), he has also helped with the visuals of Blackwell Deception. You can digitally stalk him with the help of his personal blog.

Dualnames: Passionate lover of all thing passionately created with the help of the venerable Adventure Game Studio. Has been writing for (and at times even running) The AGS Blog, while simultaneously bringing us the amazing point-and-click remake of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and working on the naughty Kinky Island.

Gnome: Caretaker of the indie, adventure and retro loving Gnome's Lair and blogger for a variety of places (including Retro Treasures). Also trying to come up with interesting little games and helping indie ensemble Kyttaro Games create unique digital entertainments.

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