Dec 1, 2012

Preview - Kathy Rain

Detailed scenery, sprites that are full of character, and an aesthetic that has already proven itself in Resonance make this one fine looking project.

It's hard to resist the urge to get excited about Kathy Rain, a point and click adventure project announced in July by Joel Staaf Hästö. The AGS based project may be in the early stages of development, but things look very promising for this low res point and clicker.

Aesthetically, the game features characters animated by Shane Stevens and scenery crafted by Nauris Krauze - a combination of styles with proven synergy as we saw in the stunningly beautiful Resonance. It promises to be a detailed and evocative experience with such pedigree behind the visuals, and the addition of gorgeous character portraits by Tove Bergqvist appears to be a fine inclusion.

The game promises a verb coin interface - with a twist. What that twist may be is anybody's guess.

Story wise, the game puts you in the tall, black boots of Kathy Rain, a motorcycle riding freelance detective with an attitude - a character that calls to mind visions of Ben Throttle and Gabriel Knight, and promises to be an excellent lead for a detective game like this. Hästö is currently looking for a writer to assist with the project, and I've no doubt someone will jump at the opportunity to do so. Let's face it: Kathy Rain is looking incredible.

Smoking in a graveyard. What more could you want from a character?

I'm usually reasonably wary of first-time projects, but I can't help but be enthusiastic about Kathy Rain. She's got the look, the personality and the potential to be something truly memorable, and I can't wait to experience her story.

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